The Best — And Worst — Countries For Doing Business


The World Bank’s flagship report on the ease of doing business in 186 countries. The usual suspects top the list — from the Anglo super powers to the Scandinavian countries. 

Worth noting:  all this talk about regulation killing business holds no weight. A quick look at the list of 10 best economies shows that each one is known for having good rules that allow efficient and transparent functioning of businesses and markets while protecting the public interest. Data from this year’s report also show that economies that have efficient regulatory processes as measured by the World Bank have high regulatory quality. In other words, things work. In addition, the economies that rank high on the Doing Business indicators tend to perform well in other international data sets, such as the Global Competitiveness Index and Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. These are the 10 safest places to get business done in 2016…and three countries you might want to stay away from next year.

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